Herrenkrug Park


Enjoy Herrenkrug Park, 46 hectares in size, and discover:

  • The “bench for the lazy” (with the acrostic "Für Unglückliche Ruhe, für Alte und Leidende Erholung" [Rest for the Unhappy, Relaxation for the Old and the Suffering], from 1918)
  • The lion (cast iron animal sculpture with a song of praise on the four sides of the base 1845; dedicated to the mayor, W. Francke, for his contribution to the Herrenkrug Park)
  • The base of the Borussia monument (in memory of the liberation of Magdeburg from French rule on 24 May 1814 – from 1816 – 1945 the base bore a clay Borussia with victory wreath, spear and eagle)
  • The 380 year-old double oak (as a dying monument it symbolises the creation and decay of nature – it houses the rare Capricorn beetle – the larvae of the beetle have eaten impressive paths into the wood)
  • The spherical sundial (monument by and for the city’s building director F. W. Wolff following his 56 years of service). The sundial (the base of the sundial is from 1818 and is said to have been gilded originally. A new dial was made by the sculptor Martina Seffers in 1991. It continues to bear the old lettering "Zähle nur die heiteren Stunden" [Count only the happy hours].)
  • The Ebeling Memorial Stone (The stone was dedicated to C. W. Ebeling in 1904, he was a teacher and founder of the 1st botanic school garden in Magdeburg)